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Check out the projects we’re currently working on. Contact the project champions to get involved, or come to our Monday meetings and we’ll connect you with someone on the project.

So You’re Interested in Pitching a Project Idea? Great!

Here is what you need to know:

What Sorts of Projects Does Code for Denver Work On?

  • Focused on helping the community
  • We work “with” not “for”
  • Projects that are reusable
  • Make use of the expertise in the room
  • Projects that the Code for Denver members can help shape and direct

Projects That We Don’t Take

  • Anything illegal
  • Promoting a particular political or religious group
  • Antagonistic to government
  • “Free Work”

If you want to see some examples of types of projects we will take on you can see that here

New Project Proposal Guidelines

Code for Denver is an all volunteer organization made up of tech specialists and business professionals who seek to apply their skill sets to solving problems and creating possibilities for the community.

Resources We Offer:

  • Experienced professionals with variety of skills including: software development, project management, QA, research, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, UX/UI, HW specialist and more.
  • Organization team within CFD to help facilitate, communicate, and guide projects.

Projects We Want:

  • Tangible, discrete requirements
  • External, reliable project owner/engaged partner
  • Small-medium scope (<6 month estimated timeframe suggested)
  • Feedback loop with stakeholder(s)
  • Plan to integrate and deploy
  • Technical, coding nature
  • Altruistic (, environmental, health, educational, economic causes)
  • Independent working environment (not integrating with existing technology stack)

Our Working Agreements:

  • We will have an internal project champion
  • We will give iterative deployments for owner/partner to review and give feedback
  • We are a 100% volunteer organization and as such our meetings change weekly in attendance.  Therefore timelines for completions may require flexibility.
  • We meet Monday 6-9 and Thursday evenings. Other work may get done during the week depending on member choice.
  • Once completed the product delivered is “owned” by the partner and therefore we do not provide 24/7 support, however we will train partners in how to support and maintain their software and will be available if absolutely needed.

Guide for Pitching a Project:

  • Send a description of the project to with subject line: Project Idea and include the following
    • Background of your organization.
    • Brief description of the project OR need (we can discuss/define the project if you have a need).
    • How the project will be utilized to benefit the community and your organization.
    • Definition of done or description of completed project (aka end result).
    • Your contact information including email and phone number.
    • Existing technology that supports your potential project, if any.
  • A member of the org team will get in contact with you to help scope the project and make sure it fits with Code for Denver’s guidelines. This may involve a couple of meetings if more discussion and clarification is needed.
  • Come to a Monday night meetup and introduce the project – aka “Pitch” the project for final approval by membership.

Technical Realms We Are Interested In:

  • Data Science
  • Web App
  • Smartphone App
  • Interactive Maps
  • Anything that improves the quality of life.