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Where can I learn to program?

Luckily, there are numerous resources to choose from. Here’s a list of a few online educational sites and resources, sorted by general cost:

Site Cost Languages/Frameworks Additional Info
Codecademy Free Various
The Odin Project Free Various
DASH by General Assembly Free JavaScript/CSS/HTML Learn by doing cool projects in a user-friendly interface.
FreeCodeCamp Free JavaScript/CSS/HTML Community oriented, self paced.
Ruby Monk Free Ruby Interactive tutorials
Ruby Koans Free Ruby The path to Ruby enlightenment
Clojurescript Koans Free Clojurescript The path to Clojurescript enlightenment
Intro to Clojure(script) Free Clojure(script) Includes background information and interactive exercises Free Clojure Clojure for beginners
CodeWars Free Various Coding exercises or ‘katas’
CoderByte Free Ruby Challenges and competitions
Gibbon Free Various User-created learning paths
Project Euler Free Content Cell Practice coding via math problems
Learn Ruby the Hard Way Free Ruby Book
CodeSchool Free/$25+ Various Video tutorials and in-browser practice
Treehouse $25+ Various Video tutorials and in-browser practice
Lynda $25+ Various Video tutorials
Thinkful Free/Paid Various Learn with help from a mentor
Nettuts+ Free/Paid Various
Skillshare $25+ Various Video classes and community projects
One Month $99 Various Self-paced online 30-day courses
Bootcamper $10k+ Various Multi-month, intensive development bootcamps
Course Report $10k+ Various Multi-month, intensive development bootcamps

Ugh! There are too many languages and resources to choose from! Where is the best place to start?

We suggest Codecademy or CodeSchool. Both start with the basics, have plenty of free courses, and can be completed entirely in your browser.

As far as languages are concerned, HTML/CSS, Ruby, JavaScript, and Python great languages to start with. All are in widespread use, cross-platform (used on/in multiple devices and environments), and are supported by plenty of documentation.

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