What are the basics of Liquid Feedback

LiquidFeedback – The Democracy Software

LiquidFeedback is an open-source software developed in Germany. Code for Denver forked for US consumption – and hosts a depository on Github. It is software for political opinion formation and decision making, combining aspects of representative and direct democracy. Its most important feature is the implementation of a delegated voting system (“liquid democracy”) which is to establish a new form of political representation and participation that takes into account the knowledge disparity of its participants.

LiquidFeedback helps groups (such as societies or organizations, political or not) make decisions, without the limitations of a traditional Internet forum. It aims to create an accurate representation of the opinions held by the members of the group without them being distorted by social hierarchies and knowledge disparities. Each individual is encouraged to further their own initiatives within the limitations set by the operators.
The proxy voting feature creates power structures similar to representative democracy, even though delegations can be withdrawn at any time. This is necessary to produce results that reflect the mood of the majority, even when they don’t find the time to participate in person, in order to avoid the domination of the extroverts, which is the problem that regularly arises with grassroots democracy.

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