Current Projects

See something that interests you? We’d love to have your help. You can come to our Monday meetups or get in touch with the project champions by clicking on their names (which will message them in Flowdock, our messaging system).



Owlet is a collection of  web-based self-guided activities designed for middle and high school students to learn technology skills through creative exploration. These slides explain the motivation behind the project, and you can read the latest updates on the project here.

Champions: Michelle Lim & David Viramontes
Partner: OpenWorld Learning
Tech: Clojure(script) (Re-frame), Elixir, Firebase, Contentful, Auth0

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Many healthcare facilities want volunteer musicians to come perform for patients. And many musicians want to perform at healthcare facilities. But right now, these gigs are setup just through personal connections. EncoreLink will be a platform that links hospitals, elder care and health care activity directors with volunteer musicians and performers.

Champions:  Julia Che & Jonathan Layman
Tech: JavaScript (Loopback, React, Redux), PostgreSQL

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Denver Re: Imagine

Previously known as Circular

A web-tool that allows tenants of large multi-family residential buildings to efficiently organize and request that recycling collection be provided by their landlord. Recently had a user testing session with a prototype on 11/15/2017!

Champions:  Robert Sedivy & Jasmin Barco
Partner:  EcoCycle
Tech: JavaScript (React, Redux, Node.js), MongoDB           

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Comrad is software to help community radio stations with their operations. DJs can enter playlists for their shows and the station can keep track of their show schedule. The software helps manage a station’s announcements, ticket giveaways, and underwriting announcements. Comrad also includes JavaScript widgets to display show/playlist information on a station’s public website and helps stations with FCC and Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance through reporting tools.

Info on Comrad for Radio Stations

Champions: Sean Williams & Devin Zimmerman
Partner: KGNU
Tech: Node.JS, Express, React, MongoDB, HTML, CSS (SASS as a preprocessor)

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Members Project

An internal network for Code for Denver that will help connect members to projects.

Tech: React, GraphQL
Champions:  Joshua Small, Willy Douglas, David Viramontes

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Water Beacon

A web app for visualizing water quality in the U.S. through interactive maps.

Tech: React.js, Django (Python)
Champion:  Moses McCall



Altruism Calculator

Currently in the exploration phase.

Tech: React
Champions: Willy